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Our Team

Innovation, professionalism, and responsibility are all attributes that characterize our high-quality team members. Our experienced employees and managers have proven track records of success that are important when guiding families long-term. They know the financial markets, investment firms, and insurance agencies in-depth, making them the right people to tailor special solutions to meet your every need.


Highly experienced in investments, capital markets, insurance and savings. Has spent years accompanying wealthy families through their life cycles, leading them to build long-term strategies and allocate family assets. An expert in choosing investment managers to oversee investment funds and real estate, provident and pension funds, savings policies, and many other investment products.
Has held multiple positions at large-scale investment firms and agencies, including serving as Finance and Retirement Section Manager at Mivtach-Simon, a Migdal Group company, where he was responsible for over 7 billion shekels worth of funds. Holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration and a master’s degree in law with a specialization in commercial law – both from Bar Ilan University. Certified by the Finance Ministry (pension marketing) and the Israel Securities Authority (investment marketing).


Hezi Schwartz


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