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HS Family Office is the reliable and professional home that accompanies tens of high net worth families in Israel.We specialize in financial services. Our goal is to help you define your investment goals, analyze, filter, and find the right, efficient, personalized investment solution that meets your needs – and monitor the solution over time. We work with wide variety of investment houses, financial products, investment funds, real estate ventures, insurance companies, pension products, and more.Together, we will plan a long-term strategy and will implement it, through the relevant investment options.Our employees and managers possess years of knowledge and experience and are well-versed in evolving legislation. They are creative and innovative, and use unique professional tools to fulfill our clients’ goals.Our deep knowledge of the Insurance, Pension, Capital Markets and other related fields, together with our negotiating power and leveraging of prevalent competition and updated legislation, will help our clients secure the best deals, with the best possible service.We are able to safeguard our clients against deals that may look attractive but are, in reality, expensive, and present them with more effective solutions that meet their needs. Our holistic examination of potential assets enables us to  reach both desired and realistic outcomes, bridge existing gaps, and operate economically – from professional and commercial perspectives.As an entity that operates in collaboration with several financial institutions, we are familiar with a wide variety of investment managers and solutions from the investment arena. As such, we serve as a professional entity capable of guiding and aiding you in planning how to allocate your assets, while directing special attention towards the many details involved in executing investments and monitoring portfolios.

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