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Our Values


Trust is built over time; it’s the product of a series of promises being fulfilled. We believe that it’s important that our inner truth guide our actions. In the financial world, companies are motivated by various values, business models, and goals. As such, to earn and maintain full and reciprocal trust between us and our clients, we believe that it’s important to emphasize those founding principles that guide us on a daily basis and lead to achieving our clients’ best interests.


& experience


Our cumulative experience in accompanying wealthy families spans many years, as does our deep understanding of families’ evolving needs and fields such as investments, finances, and pensions.

Our activities are maximally discrete, to ensure our clients’ privacy.

We hold all relevant and requisite licenses for the financial and investment worlds: a pension license from the Insurance and Savings Capital Market, as well as a license to market investments from the Israel Securities Authority.

This enables us to direct our clients to particularly broad content worlds.

Our regulatory-compliant operations protects our clients and places a lot of responsibility on us.

Our years of experience with complex financial issues and our understanding of their influence over various lifetime events on family life and financial needs, enables us to continuously learn and sharpen our skills. Therefor we can be more precise and smartly plan family investment portfolios, while ensuring checks and balances are in place, so our clients know they’re in safe hands.

מקצועות ונסיון

In a world of endless opportunities and an abundance of information, we understand the importance of clear, independent, and transparent conduct.

In order to create this independence and avoid generating bias towards one product or another (even ostensibly!), we make sure to work with a wide variety of products, and perform deep and ongoing research on each and every one of them. We are not controlled by a large financial entity looking to further its own company or products.

We believe that preparing clear and detailed investment plans, providing explanations and making comprehensive information about varied investment products accessible, enables us to not only secure proper diversification and risk management, but also grants us an in-depth understanding and better connection to our clients’ and their long-term, comprehensive investment needs. Our business model is clear and made public to each and every client, providing the peace of mind they need to focus on and achieve what truly matters most – security and optimal returns.


& independence




We are here for you! We provide high levels of availability, multiple communication methods, organized, periodic reports, and designate a small number of clients to each Customer Relations Manager. This enables us to quickly respond to any question you may have and make time to plan for things that are truly important.

We provide information on a wide variety of issues, including those that diverge from our everyday activities.

Our connection to diverse content worlds, clients who are senior members of many companies, and external consultants operating across content worlds, enable us to precisely guide our clients, even through complex financial fields, retirement and taxation issues, inheritances, wills, dedications and trusts, power of attorney, credit, real estate, and more.


We strive to generate optimal returns for every given risk level, even under dynamic market conditions and over time.

Meticulous planning of investment portfolios, considering preferred risk levels and investment horizons , while enabling creative personal customization of the plan and choosing excellent managers and products will ensure exceptional results, over time.

Our use of tens of different investment products, including those that possess low compatibility with the capital market, enable us to ensure personalization and optimization according to each client’s preferences and needs, while leveraging the various tax benefits to the fullest.


Results, every step of the way

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