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חזי שוורץ פמילי אופיס

HS family office Hezi Schwartz family office


Welcome. You're home


The home where we care for your investments in a smart and responsible manner, just like we care for our family

ספה עתיקה פמילי אופיס
קידום פיננסי

During our ongoing collaboration,

We remain committed to our ever-important values


Results, every step of the way

We strive to generate optimal returns for every given risk level, even under dynamic market conditions and over time. Meticulous planning, creative customization of investment portfolios/methods, and the identification of excellent managers and products will ensure exceptional results, over time



We’re here for you! We provide high levels of availability, multiple communication methods, organized, periodic reports, and designate a small number of clients to each Customer Relations Manager. This enables us to quickly respond to any question you may have and make time to plan for things that are truly important


We are an independent entity working with a wide variety of products chosen carefully after performing deep and ongoing research. We prepare clear and detailed investment plans, provide explanations, and make comprehensive information about varied investment products accessible, to enable proper diversification, risk management, and an in-depth understanding of our clients and their needs

Transparency & independence


Our cumulative experience in accompanying wealthy families spans many years, as does our deep understanding of families’ evolving needs in managing investments, finances, and more. As a supervised entity, we hold all relevant and requisite licenses for the financial and investment worlds

& experience


Periodic, ongoing reporting, supervision of processes, and proactive updating

Proper planning for the next generation, inter-generational inheritances of assets, and maximization of tax benefits

Identification, customization, and monitoring of excellent investment products and management

Provident funds/Amendment 190 to the Income Tax Ordinance/IRA savings policies/provident funds for investment purposes

Formulating a comprehensive family investment and risk management plan.

Presentation and management of alternative investments, for suitable clients

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